Respond to climate emergency

In this time of climate crisis we need to come together as a community to learn, meet, and act. The Earth Hub provides a common space to spread knowledge about planetary breakdown causes, consequences, and solutions.

Promote Nelson Circular economy

To resolve the present problems we need a change in economic paradigm; from an extractive, degenerative economic system to a circular, regenerative one that can not only survive but thrive while giving our citizens a human-values-rich town.

Our Goal

Our goal is to realise the possibility of Nelson being a carbon sink; meaning that our city goes further than just being carbon neutral and actually sequesters more carbon dioxide than it produces.


We are open to requests from all sides of the political spectrum to use our venue for events, as long as it fits with the ethos of the Earth Hub. We reserve the right to make the final decision regarding whether an event will go ahead.