The Hub Talks

People in our community, and from further afield, have knowledge they want to share with you!

We host a variety of talks given by a variety of people, with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise with the wider community. Check out our Events page for a schedule of upcoming talks. Contact us if you want to give a talk! 

Climate Reality

Once a month, Climate Reality Leaders Monica Nelson and Jose Gay Cano, will be giving Al Gore’s Climate Reality presentation on the impacts and solutions to the climate crisis. Monica participated in the Climate Reality Leadership training in Brisbane, 2019 while Jose attended the Berlin training in 2018.  

Lindsay Wood - ace

Lindsay is the founder of ACE (Action for the Climate Emergency) and the director of Resilienz Ltd, an independent consultancy that provides high quality information and advice to public and private organisations that need to deal with climate change issues. Lindsay will be giving regular public talks at the Earth Hub which will cover a range of topics.

Ocean Stories

Interested in how climate change, pollution, and harmful fishing is affecting our oceans? Come along to one of the Ocean Stories presentations which communicates these damages and ways to combat them through art, underwater photography, and illustration.