Documentaries to know and act

Sit back and let the art of visual storytelling take over! Join us for one of our evening film screenings. We’ll be hosting regular film screenings on the general topic of resilience and climate change.

We’re looking forward to screening 2040 in August when it becomes available in Aotearoa.

Check out our Events page for a schedule of upcoming screenings. Contact us if you have a suggestion of a film we could show! 

One to watch in your own time…


In 2013, the Australian documentary, “2 Degrees”, highlighted the successful campaign by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and local residents to have the coal fired power station in Port Augusta converted to solar thermal power. The backdrop to this inspiring campaign was the Governments’ failure at the Copenhagen Conference to take meaningful action to solve the Climate Crisis. “2 Degrees” captures the Climate Crisis zeitgeist, with Governments still unwilling to act, and younger generations increasingly compelled to take action.

Click here to watch the film.